• Economics is the most comprehensive social science with its wide application area.
    • Economics gives you all the tools you need to analyze the behavior of individuals, firms, and political actors.
    • The economic, commercial, and political relations, and the economic and social policies of the countries are shaped within the framework of economic instruments.
    • Companies base their strategies on economic analysis.
    • Economists can find employment in all sectors.
    • Economics graduates are preferred primarily in international institutions (IMF, World Bank, United Nations) and public institutions and organizations (Central Bank, Treasury, CMB).
    • Economics graduates can easily find jobs in many private sector areas (finance, business, accounting, inspectorship, consultancy) in high-income positions.
    • Economists also have a good background in mathematics, econometrics, social science, and history. In this way, they come to the fore in ranking success in public and private institution exams.
    • Economics students can easily complete a minor or double major program in other fields (mathematics, industrial engineering, psychology, philosophy).
    • Almost every subject related to humans is related to economics!

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