Department of Economics Seminar Series 



"Health Transformation Program and the Effects on out of Pocket Payments in Turkey"




Bilge Şentürk

(Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University & METU)



Date: June 6, 2022 (Monday)

Time: 14:00


Synchronous Online Seminar

Zoom Platform


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Meeting ID: 962 6861 4522

Passcode: 319178


This study aims to investigate the determinants of the increase in the rate of households making out of pocket health expenditures (oope) in 2016 compared to 2004. By using the household budget survey (HBA) data for the years 2004 and 2016 obtained from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), we estimate the probability of making out of pocket payments by the households to apply a logistic regression analysis. Two separate regression models are established for the years 2004 and 2016 and the factors which determine the health expenditures are tried to be estimated for both periods. It is examined whether significant variables differ according to the periods. In addition, the data set for both years were pooled to see whether the Health Transformation Program (HTP) created a structural transformation in the probability of spending on health. Estimation findings suggest that HTP affected the possibility of out of pocket payments. Moreover, the most important factors that increase the probability of out-of-pocket payment after HTP are found as income and disadvantageous household characteristics (the presence of individuals with health problems, the presence of elderly and children).

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