Please follow the Article 40 of "Academic Rules and Regulations governing Undergraduate Studies":


(1) Students may be granted leaves of absence from the University for a maximum period four semesters, and without exceeding two consecutive semesters each time, with the decision of the concerned administrative board based on obligations related to health, military service, education in an institution of higher education in Turkey or abroad, or financial and familial obligations.

(2) Students who wish to be granted a leave of absence must apply to the chair of the concerned department with a petition stating valid grounds for the request and the necessary documents latest by the end of the add-drop week of the related semester. However, no time restrictions exist for application in the event that the grounds for permission arise after the end of the add-drop week.

(3) The department chair sends the student's request for permission to the concerned administrative board along with their own opinion and the opinion of the student's academic advisor.

(4) The concerned administrative board sends their decision to the Registrar's Office (RO), which processes the decision and notifies the student and the concerned academic and administrative units.

(5) Students who wish to return to University earlier than the termination of the leave period must apply with a petition to the concerned department chair before interactive registrations start. The application is resolved with the decision of the concerned administrative board upon the opinion of the student's advisor and recommendation of the department chair, and it is sent to the RO.

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