Seminars in 2012- 2013


 Unless otherwise stated, seminars will be held at 14:00 at F-106 (FEAS A Building)


15 October 2012  Hasan Dudu (METU): Climate Change and Agriculture: An Integrated Approach to Evaluate Economy-wide Effects for Turkey
22 October 2012  Dilek Çetin (METU): Exports and Clusters:A Spatial Econometric Analysis on Ankara and Istanbul OIZs 
05 November 2012  Onur Koska (University of Tuebingen): Foreign Direct Investment as a Signal
07 November 2012  Ragıp Ege (University of Strasbourg): Friedrich Engels: architect of Marxism as a doctrine and particular science 
12 November 2012  Mustafa Sinan Gönül (METU): Trusting Advice in Forecasting Decisions: Effects of Format, Explanations and Explicit Assessments 
26 November 2012  Erdem Kılıç (METU): Monetary Regulation for Financial Contagion: The role of Coordination
10 December 2012  Altuğ Yalçıntaş (Ankara University): The Oomph in Economic Philosophy: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Main Trends, from the 1960s to the Present
17 December 2012  Derya Güler Aydın (Hacettepe University): Political Economy of the New Technology Based Firms    
24 December 2012  Hasan Tekgüç (Mardin Artuklu University): Health Consequences of an Eclectic Social Security Regime: The Case of Turkey
26 December 2012 Cihan Artunc (Yale University):The Protégé System and the Beratlı Merchants in the Ottoman Empire: The Price of Legal Institutions
February 11,2013 Hulya Canbakal (Sabancı University): A Long-term perspective on Ottoman economy: Bursa 1500-1840
February 13,2013 Güneş Gökmen (Bocconi University): Cultural Diversity a Barrier to Riches?
February 18,2013 Busra Gunay (University of North Carolina): Incumbency Advantage in markets with Network Externalities
February 19,2013* Muruvvet Büyükboyacı (California Institute of Technology): Parallel Tournaments
February 20,2013* Cem Oyvat (University of Massachusetts): Agrarian Structures, Urbanization and Inequality
February 26,2013* Ahmet Ali Taskin (University of Texas-Austin): Dual Income Couples and Interstate Migration
February 27,2013* Orhan Torul (University of Maryland): Transatlantic Differences in Taxation, Redistribution and Provision of Public Goods: How Fair is Inequality?
March 4 , 2013 Semih Tümen (Central Bank of Republic of Turkey): Is Search Intensity Countercyclical?
March 11 , 2013 Çağla Ökten (Bilkent University): Gender Views and the Gender Gap in Educational Achievement: Evidence from Turkey 
March 12, 2013* Yavuz Selim Hacıhasanoğlu (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid): Does Business Geography Play a Role in Development? A Firm Level Investigation
March 18 , 2013 Cavit Pakel (Bilkent University): Bias Reduction in Nonlinear and Dynamic Panels in the Presence of Cross-Section Dependence, with a GARCH Panel Application
March 25 , 2013 Fırat Bilgel (Okan University):The Economic Costs of Speratist Terrorism in Turkey 
March 26 , 2013 Banu Demir Pakel (Bilkent University): Trading Intermediates and Quality
April 2, 2013* Gökçe Uysal (Bahcesehir University): Culture and Female Labor Supply in Turkey
April 22, 2013* Gökçer Özgür  (Hacettepe University):The European Economic Crisis: An Aggregate Demand Approach
May 6, 2013 Hakan Yetkiner (İzmir University of Economics): Relative Price Convergence: Theory and Evidence
May 13, 2013 Ebru Voyvoda (METU):Modelling Energy-Economy- Environment Interactions Using OLG Framework: Effects of Demographic Transition 
May 20, 2013 Hadi Yektaş (Zirve University): Wars of Conquest and Independence
June 10, 2013 Pedro Brinca (Stockholm University & Stockholm School of Economics): Distortions in the neoclassical growth model: A cross country analysis