Seminars in 2011-2012

Unless otherwise stated, seminars will be held at 14:00 at F-106 (FEAS A Building)
10 October 2011 Seminar by Eren İnci (Sabancı University): "Free Parking for All in Shopping Malls"
17 October 2011 Seminar by M. Fatih Öztek (METU): "Integration of Turkish Stock Market with European Stock Markets: Nonlinear Time Varying Correlation Approach"
24 October 2011 Seminar by Burça Kızılırmak (Ankara University): "Income Poverty and Intra-Household Allocation of Unpaid Work: Analysis of Time Use by Couples in Turkey"
31 October 2011 Seminar by Doğan Tırtıroğlu (University of Adelaide): "Banking Geography and Cross-Fertilization in the Productivity Growth of US Commercial Banks"
14 November 2011 Seminar by Soner Başkaya (TCMB): "Using Federal Minimum Wages to Identify the Impact of Minimum Wages on Employment and Earnings Across the U.S. States"
21 November 2011 Seminar by Hande Küçük-Tuger (TCMB): "Portfolio Allocation and International Risk Sharing"
25 November 2011*
Seminar by Hakan Yetkiner (İzmir Ekonomi University) and Bahar Bayraktar Sağlam (Hacettepe University): "A Romerian Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth"

28 November 2011

Seminar by Seda Ertaç (Koç University): "Laboratory and Field Experiments on Gender and Economic Decision-Making"
05 December 2011 Seminar by Ceyhun Elgin (Boğaziçi University): "Shadow Economy and Environmental Pollution"
12 December 2011 Seminar by Mustafa Kılınç (TCMB): "Trend Shocks, Risk Sharing and Cross-Country Portfolio Holdings"
19 December 2011 Seminar by Ozan Ekşi (TOBB ETU): "Trade and Inequality in the US and the UK: A Cohort Perspective"
26 December 2011 Seminar by İpek Gürsel Tapkı (Kadir Has University): "Production Economies with Single Peaked Preferences"
27 December 2011 Seminar by Serdar Özkan (Federal Reserve Board): "Income Inequality and Health Care Expenditures over the Life Cycle"
12 January 2012

Seminar by Mehmet Ali Ulubaşoğlu (Deakin University): "Romes without Empires: Urban Concentration, Political Competition, and Economic Growth"

13 February 2012 Seminar by Salih Fendoğlu (University of Maryland): "Optimal  Monetary Policy Rules, Financial Amplification, and Uncertain Business Cycles"

20 February 2012

Seminar by Nuh Aygün Dalkıran (Northwestern University): "Common Knowledge and Equilibria Switching"

27 February 2012

Seminar by Ünal Töngür (METU): "The Propensity to Patent in Turkish Region"

28 February 2012

Seminar by Umut Ünal (Florida International University): "Rethinking the Effects of Fiscal Policy on Macroeconomic Aggregates: A Disaggregated SVAR Analysis"

5 March 2012

Seminar by Yasin Mimir (University of Maryland): "Financial Intermediaries, Credit Shocks and Business Cycles"

6 March 2012

Seminar by Perihan Özge Saygın (University of California at Berkeley): "Gender Differences in College Applications: Evidence from the Centralized System in Turkey"

12 March 2012

Seminar by Aykut Lenger (Ege University): "Public Capital and Social Infrastructure: An Analysis for Turkey by Interaction Models"

14 March 2012*

Seminar by Timothy Guinnane (Yale University): "The legal form of business enterprise: France, Germany, the United  Kingdom and the United States, 1860-1930"

26 March 2012

Seminar by Özgür Yılmaz (Koç University): "A Characterization of Extended Serial Correspondence"

3 April 2012*

Seminar by Özlem Albayrak (Ankara University): "Distributionally Adjusted Social Welfare in Turkey, 2003-2009"

6 April 2012

Seminar by Ilina Srour (Universita Cattolica Del Sacro  Cuore): "Technological Change and Skil-Based Employment Disparities: Evidence from Turkey"

9 April 2012

Seminar by Cumhur Ekinci (İstanbul Technical University): "A Correlation Analysis of Order Aggressiveness"

16 April 2012

Seminar by Türknur Brand (TCMB): "On the Performance of Consumer Confidence Measurement"

18 April 2012*

Seminar by Ahmet Atıl Aşıcı (İstanbul Technical University): "Economic Growth and its Impact on Environment: A Panel Data Analysis"

26 April 2012

Seminar by Diane R. Elson (Manchester University): TBA

30 April 2012

Seminar by Hüseyin Özel (Hacettepe Universtiy): TBA

7 May 2012

Seminar by Devin Sezer (METU): "Optimal Decision Rules for Product Recalls"

14 May 2012

Seminar by Bengi Yanık İlhan (Koç University): "Transition to First Permanent Job After Separation from School in Turkey"

21 May 2012

Seminar by Zeynep Elitaş (METU): TBA

28 May 2012

Seminar by Cem Bozşahin (METU): "Computing and the Social Dynamics of Agreement"

29 May 2012

Seminar by Konstantinos Matakos (Warwick University): "Unemployment, Redistributive Politics and the Economic Origins of Party-system Structure: Theory and Evidence"

4 June 2012

Seminar by Adem Yavuz Elveren (Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University-METU): "Military Expenditures, Inequality and Welfare Regimes: A Dynamic Panel
Data Analysis

5 June 2012

Seminar by Meral Çakıcı (University of Bonn): "Default Risk Premium and Aggregate Fluctuations in a Small Open Economy"

11 June 2012

Seminar by Deniz T. Kılınçoğlu (Princeton University): "The Roots of Developmentalism in Turkey: Capitalism, Nationalism, and Economic
Development in the Late Nineteenth Century"

* This seminar will be held at Çobanoğlu Hall (FEAS A Building) at 14:00.