Graduate Program


The Department of Economics, in addition to its noteworthy position in undergraduate education, has placed a special emphasis on expanding its graduate programs. Candidates for the Master's degree are from various backgrounds, but the majority of the students are economics majors who want to deepen their knowledge and analytical skills. 

The Master's degree requires completion of 4 compulsory courses with credits in mathematics, macroeconomic theory, microeconomic theory, econometrics; 3 elective courses and submission of a Master's thesis. The Ph.D. program attracts students who are interested in further specialization in economics. The graduates are likely to become academicians and experts in their field of specialization. The doctorate students take 3 compulsory courses in addition to 4 elective courses. 
Students will be accepted to the Ph.D. program after obtaining an M.S. Degree or an equivalent (to be approved by the Department). A number of assistantships will be available to outstanding graduate students.
Applications to the Graduate Programs of Department of Economics are admitted by METU Graduate School of Social Sciences. For more information please follow the links below: