Serdar Sayan

Serdar Sayan is a Professor of Economics and the Dean of the Graduate School of Social Sciences at TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, Turkey. He con-currently directs the Centre for Social Policy Research at the same university, which closely monitors developments in the Turkish labor market, and studies national and regional (un)employment, poverty and inequality issues.

With undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively obtained from the Middle East Technical University and Ohio State University, Prof. Sayan is a prolific researcher who has contributed to labor economics, development economics and international economics literatures. He also writes op-ed columns and popular economics articles for general readers, and frequently gives interviews to print and broadcast media in Turkey and abroad. Sayan has had regular and visiting appointments at Bilkent University, Ohio State University, the International Monetary Fund, and the Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade prior to joining the TOBB University.

He has assumed editorial responsibilities and served as a reviewer for several journals. In addition to various teaching, research and service awards he received, Sayan was named a recipient of his college’s International Alumni of the Year Award at Ohio State University in 2004. He is a life time fellow of the Economic Research Forum, and previously served as president of the Middle East Economic Association and as a board member of the Turkish Economic Association.

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