Doruk Gökalp

METU is not only a school that teaches you certain subjects and then test you on your knowledge of those subjects. Primarily, it teaches you how to learn what you want to learn by yourself. This is installed during the very first year of courses. Henceforth, it never restricts what you can do. If you are up for the challenge, sky is the limit and this is the very core of its philosophy. I was able to study Economics and Mathematics and ended up having two degrees – both of which are from leading departments in their respective subjects. METU is also a prestigious stamp and a family with which you live with. The network I acquired in METU still follows me in the academic life I am engaged with. The alumni and faculty are so widespread and reachable that one never feels alone no matter the continent. However, limiting the experience one gains in such an environment to grades and network would be highly insufficient for METU is not only a university. It is also a unique social environment which shapes one’s perception on how to look at real life problems, forms moral values, enrich the ability to emphasize and teaches how to think. As someone still in academia, I can distinguish my way of thinking from that of my colleagues in any academic environment I participate in. This helps one to think outside the box in certain situations and is a unique trait for a social scientist. I chose METU with much confidence when I was a mere high school student and have never regretted my choice. Looking back at my time in METU Economics, I can with great confidence say that those days completed me as an individual. I miss my campus a lot.