Nazlı Kılan Ermut

I graduated from Economics Department at 1988 with a 3rd ranking. I worked as a research assistant during my masters education in my own department with great pleasure. At the Doctorate level, I decided that I don't want to go abroad to study and moved to corporate work life. My passion to work with people directed me towards Human Resources area. Until 2012, I worked at corporate human resources management role in different companies. Since then, I run my own company in the area of Human Resources Consultancy, corporate training program development, executive coaching, positive psychology and happiness. I have my own blog, I also write regularly for Harvard Business Review Turkey blog. Being a METU Economics graduate always supported me during my whole life. I proudly say I am an Economist every where. The analytical point of view thought by the science of Economics, being able to see the big picture, planning and forecasting skills, being good at interpreting numbers supported me during my business life. I am proud to be a member of METU Economics Family.